Moving packing tips

Packing Tips

Preparation is very important with any move.

Packing – For the quickest move possible it is best to pack everything well. It will save the movers time and will save you money guaranteed. The number one basic rule for moving, if it can go in a box, put it in one. It makes packing the truck 10 times easier and faster for your movers. At Crown Mountain Mover’s we offer a full service of packing, shipping and then unpacking of all goods. Absolute satisfaction of all your needs and requirements in the moving industry is our ultimate goal.

The Kitchen – By far the most delicate and time consuming area to pack is the kitchen. Make sure you wrap all glass and porcelain materials in wrapping paper. If you are packing pots and pans with dishes, make sure they have at least 1 piece of packing paper between them and each dish is individually wrapped. If you have a bundle of steak knives or any sharp utensils’, double wrap them with an extra ball of paper at the sharp end. This will ensure they don’t come loose and scratch any other items inside the box.

Wardrobe boxes – Wardrobe boxes can be handy for many items besides your clothing on hangers. Filling the bottom with quilts, comforters, blankets and the like will save you the headache of packing them in separate boxes and will reduce the cost of materials.

Tape all of your boxes – Taping every box will ensure security for all boxed items. Part of being a mover is to spot all boxes that do not have taped bottoms because they are prone to opening. All our movers will tape up any boxes we see not secured, but again this takes time and time is money. Try to make sure all boxes packed have closed secure tops, and if there is something inside that is fragile mark the box.

Mark your boxes – For your own ease it is important to mark all your boxes by room, if it is fragile, and possibly by name of owner. At Crown Mountain Movers, we strive for excellence in the moving industry, and we will move all your boxes to each room if they are marked, or if you can identify them on the way in the door, but marking them is the most efficient and cost saving way to move. Most people have one or two boxes that they want to take in their car. These boxes may contain personal papers, wallets, car keys, cosmetics, maps or realtor info. Most people need to do one last clean of their home once they leave, so put all your cleaning supplies with these boxes, and mark them to ensure you have all items needed at any time.

Supplies – Estimating the amount of supplies you need is not easy and inevitably you will almost always need more. Order extra boxes and tape; any supplies that is unused will return with our movers with no charge to you.

Elevators – If there is an elevator at one end or the other of your move, it is important to ask the landlord to arrange a key for the movers to lock off the elevator, as well as padding inside the elevator to ensure no damage to the elevator.

One of our main goals at Crown Mountain Movers is to save you as much money as possible with the best possible service. All of these tips will ensure an easy, stress free move, which should be the goal of all moving companies.

“Let us get a grip on your move. All grip and no grief.”