Advantages of Moving Blocks

Moving Blocks Boxes

Why Moving Blocks Are The Future of Moving

What are Moving Blocks? They are reusable and durable plastic moving boxes that can be rented for an easier and more efficient moving process!

Crown Mountain Movers made the decision to acquire Moving Blocks Inc. in 2011 because they work! They may be more expensive to rent than cardboard, but will save you time and money on your move in the long run guaranteed.

Fun fact: Moving Blocks is one of the oldest, if not the original company, to start the reusable container concept for moving and storage.


Here is why Moving Blocks are the perfect solution:

1. They act as base – In the moving industry, whatever is solid and can be packed on the bottom of the load is called base. Often times, people will have more loose items and boxes than base, and it makes it more time consuming to pack the truck.

2. Safety of your goods – Moving Blocks containers are weighted for 300 lbs., however we would not recommend filling them that full unless it is absolutely necessary. Having said that, the capacity is available to you. When packing a truck with cardboard the mover is required to look at each box and label, to determine which boxes are fragile so he does not place a box labeled “fragile” under a heavier box, risking a crushed box and broken items. Since Moving Blocks are able to handle so much weight, you could literally pack the most fragile boxes on the bottom and the heaviest on top, and not worry about crushing. This enables the movers to save a lot of time on your move.

3. Volume – We always STRONGLY recommend staying away from liquor store, banana, open top, and used boxes. The lack of uniformity is its own problem, but the reduction of efficiency and volume moved becomes very apparent. We have seen countless moves where the customer could have saved themselves $500 on the move if they had just spent $50 on proper boxes. You can fit 4 liquor store boxes on a 2 wheel dolly, or you can fit more than double that on a dolly if you use our larger boxes. Cut the time to move all boxed goods in half which also equals saving you money.

4. Convenience – We deliver them to your door, we pick them up when you are unpacked, they are cleaned and the process is repeated. Why go through the hassle of buying cardboard, taping, packing in less than sturdy boxes in some cases, and then getting rid of them. Save money as well as the environment and is much easier than going out to acquire boxes on your own.

5. Keeps you on schedule – Generally people are not unprepared for moves on purpose, and it is not because they are lazy. Really the actual act of packing and moving is just not in people’s nature. We do not like to uproot and leave the nest. Along with the Crown Mountain Movers checklist, the boxes will ensure you stay on track for packing, and unpacking.

6. Go green – Most of the boxes are 10+ years old. Some of them have scuffs and scratches on them, but it is because of their durability that makes this product part of the future of moving, and the future of our planet.
Have you ever lost a box on your move and wondered how it was even possible moving from point A to B? We are currently working on putting RFID tags on all our boxes. Never lose a box again, anywhere in the world!