About our moving company


Founded and proudly operated by Fraser McLarnin and trusted personnel.

Crown Mountain Movers was started by me, Fraser McLarnin in partnership with Brad Curtis Chartered accounting. Although my company is just maturing past infancy we strive for excellence every day and can offer you more individual care then any big company can because of our small client list.

I starting moving when I was 15 years old and I am now 30. I have a passion for moving and always wanted to own a moving company. Most people hate moving, but I mean it literally when I say I have a passion for it. I get to travel and exercise for a job, I meet new people every day, and take pleasure out of every successful move and satisfied customer. I am confident in the fact my good attitude, my superior skills, and experience will leave you in high spirits, and will propel Crown Mountain Movers to the forefront of the moving industry.

At Crown Mountain Movers Ltd we strive to ensure we exceed our clients expectations at every turn. We work extremely hard and diligently because we know our customers have placed trust in us and we respect and are thankful.Trust us to always find the solution that works the best for you or your business.

Our employees undergo a thorough training process that outlines the values our company prides itself in. We have enormous amounts of loyalty to our clients and we prove it ceaselessly and are extremely happy because of the amount of business we get from having this attitude. We understand the value of your home and your office. To us the utmost care is always critical as well as attention to detail.

We specialize in the following areas: North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver, Abbotsford, Squamish, Kitsilano, Burnaby, Richmond, South Vancouver, East Vancouver, and all of Greater Vancouver.

Introductory video with Founder Fraser McLarnin

Our Professional Moving Company At a Glance

Crown Mountain Movers is a fully insured and registered business. Every client of ours is insured for up to $50,000 for free with no hidden premiums or fees. We believe in honesty in business and thus strive and achieve status and accountability through reliable business networks. We have WCB, ICBC, Worksafe coverage.

Crown Mountain Movers Ltd is a member of the Big Tsunami BNI Chapter (Business Network International). The Big Tsunami generated over $5 Million in referred business last year and we were proud to be part of that. This networking group inspires the company and motivates us to excel in all areas of work and our lives. Hard work is a key factor in our business.

We desire to perform our best work for every client we obtain and pride ourselves in our values. We always remain accountable to our customers and ourselves while maintaining honest and straightforward business policies and actions.